5 Hacks To Reinvigorate Your Dead LinkedIn Profile (And Get More Leads)

reinvigorate linkedin

In an age of social media, a bio page on your website is no longer good enough. An active presence on LinkedIn is essential, but a focused, engaging profile is even more important.

A poorly-written profile with a bad photo will not just fail to capture new leads — it may also hamper your offline job search efforts.

If you're ready to transform your stale LinkedIn profile into a page that people will actually want to visit, you'll definitely want to implement one or more of the approaches detailed below. Some of these techniques are simpler than others, but all will result in more leads and more opportunities for professional growth.

1. Sometimes You Just Gotta Start Over

Sometimes news anchors make embarrassing mistakes, and wish they could just start over. In live news, they don't have that option.

Luckily you do. 🙂

Take some time to carefully read through your profile and remove any phrasing that does not show you in your best light. Ideally, your profile should be concise — and it should convey a sense of authority.

Although your job descriptions may require a little refreshing, the section of your profile most likely to require a rewrite is your summary. This is where recruiters gain their initial impression of you as a person; this impression will ultimately impact the way visitors respond to the rest of your profile.

Your LinkedIn profile summary should convey your passion for your field in a way that feels authentic to readers. Depending on the current quality of your profile, it may require a little light editing or a complete overhaul.

Do not be afraid to start from scratch. If you are unsure as to the extent to which your profile requires changing, consider having an honest friend or colleague take a close look at your LinkedIn page.

Take the recommendations of this helpful individual into account as you make your profile's content more enticing and more reflective of your true self.

2. Change Your Profile Picture

You don't have to crank out the selfies like the Queen of Instagram, but making sure you have an updated and professional profile picture is very important.

The ideal picture is friendly, yet professional. High-quality, professional photography is optimal — no selfies!

If you do not have a professional picture of yourself from the last few years, now may be the time to invest in a good headshot. Other suggestions for improving your profile picture include wearing solid colors, avoiding distracting backgrounds, and choosing clothing that reflects your desired profession.

3. Add Rich Media to Your Profile and Updates

If your LinkedIn page currently consists merely of a bio and a handful of endorsements, it's time to amp it up with new website links, videos, and slideshows that demonstrate your expertise.

These visually appealing additions to your profile will display your credentials far better than a list of accomplishments and past positions ever could.

In addition to displaying rich media on your profile page, consider adding it to your updates.

You likely find new Facebook photos more intriguing than text-only status updates; the same concept applies to LinkedIn, where users enjoy viewing infographics and videos — especially if they contain useful information.

4. Get (and Give) More Endorsements

Endorsements give you an immediate sense of authority in your field.

But often, the best avenue to improving feedback and expanding business opportunities is switching the focus from getting to giving. Endorse your professional contacts, and, perhaps, they will be willing to return the favor.

The concept of giving on LinkedIn need not end with endorsements. Another easy way to expand your presence in the online community is to play a more active role in your LinkedIn groups.

Start a new discussion, or provide thoughtful answers to existing questions. Not only will you help others, the knowledge you demonstrate may help you attract the interest of new clients or job recruiters. If nothing else, you can bond with others over shared experiences within your industry.

5. Bring a Sense of Focus to Your Profile

When you first joined LinkedIn, you likely accepted every request and endorsement that came your way. Unfortunately, after just a few months, this approach can result in a cluttered profile that is difficult for prospective employers to understand.

Instead of listing off every skill in which you have a modicum of proficiency, it is better to highlight a select few areas in which you thrive. Likewise, instead of trying to win a popularity contest by displaying as many endorsements as possible, you should only highlight well-written endorsements that will actually impress recruiters.

On LinkedIn, less is often more, and quality nearly always trumps quantity.
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