About Us

This is the story of how Brian Ainsley Horn and Jack Mize founded Authority Alchemy.

To best explain who we are, and what we do, let’s look at the two words “authority” and “alchemy”.

The definition of authority is: person or organization having power or control in a particular area, niche or industry. The definition of alchemy is: the process of changing something common into something very special.

Authority Alchemy is the process of of changing people that see themselves as “common” into a person of power in their industry.

The best place to start is by listening to our podcast or reading a blog post.  A new episode is broadcast every Tuesday, and a new blog post is published every Thursday.

Brian Ainsley Horn

Brian Ainsley Horn

Best-selling author and entrepreneur, Brian Ainsley Horn, helps professionals leverage their knowledge to gain authority status in their industry, then uses “authority marketing” to get them national media exposure.

His unique method has been talked about and covered on The Howard Stern Show, Wall Street Journal, ABC, Perez Hilton, CBS News, Forbes, Advertising Age and dozens of other media outlets. Inc Magazine even named Brian an “emerging business leader to watch.”

Brian is a regular contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine, Huffington Post and The Examiner.

He is also an in demand speaker that has traveled the world entertaining and educating audiences.

Brian is also proud father, Nak Muay and an advocate for children with Down syndrome.

A list of his published books is available here and you can also find him on Crunchbase.

Jack Mize


Jack is a speaker, author, trainer and one of the most respected and sought after Online Media Marketing Strategists for small business owners and and local marketing consultants.

Jack goes far beyond the front page of Google by helping business owners, executives and service professionals to position themselves as the Educator and Advocate for their prospects and customers success.

Jack has developed a system that is laser focused on quickly transitioning from service provider to industry Guru using powerful Online Media Marketing strategies that create instant credibility and provide the tipping point to make them pick you.

By repositioning his clients from traditional hard sales tactics to being the Educators and Advocates for their prospects and customers success, Jack has been credited with saving businesses and changing lives