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How to Create Authority Positioning in the Subconscious and be Remembered

What is “NeuroAuthority” anyway? At a high level, it’s the combination of neuroscience and authority marketing.

Neuromarketing is a new field of marketing research that studies consumers’ sensorimotor, cognitive, and affective response to marketing stimuli. The technology is based on a model whereby the major thinking part of human activity (over 90%), including emotion, takes place in the subconscious area that is below the levels of controlled awareness.

Authority marketing helps entrepreneurs leverage their knowledge to gain authority status in their industry. This authority status then allows them to dramatically amplify their message and convert their new audience into higher paying customers. In other words, it’s the process for positioning yourself as an authority, or even a celebrity, in your marketplace.

NeuroAuthority is the science of creating authority positioning in the subconscious area that is below the levels of controlled awareness. It’s using the proven tools of neuroscience to determine why we deem one person as an “expert” over another and then applying the research so you can use it to get more clients.Traditional methods used by marketers won’t trigger decisions at a subconscious level. They just use whatever the “shiny button” is at the moment, and hope that it will work. Instead, they should use a scientific approach to capture insights that predict why prospects will choose to follow, respect, and eventually buy from one person over another.

In his latest book, Best Selling Author and Entrepreneur, Brian Ainsley Horn reveals the concept of NeuroAuthority and uses case studies to back up his findings. He also provides actionable applications of it for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and professionals.

Faith Into Abundance

30 Stories of Faith From Successful Christian Entrepreneurs

The ability to earn a profit is the ability to multiply our resources while helping other people. It is a wonderful ability that God blessed entrepreneurs with, and it is not evil or morally neutral... but fundamentally good.

However, it's not always easy. We have to keep faith and know that the promise from God is coming.

Through the inspiring stories in this book, you'll see how entrepreneurs that remained faithful through hard times were blessed with great abundance.

You'll read about:

A baseball player who lost his career and became an alcoholic, but has now founded a charity give hope to the homeless.

A little boy with Down syndrome who sparked a change in his Dad's business that now impacts people all over the world.

A woman whose husband unexpectedly walked out on her and their 5-year-old son who now has a successful business helping other women get through similar situations.

A man with a $50 million business and a beautiful family who lost it all due to a meth and heroin addiction and how he got it back.

My Reason. My Hero.

Inspirational True Stories from Successful Entrepreneurs and Their Amazing Kids

Being a parent, like running a company, can be tough at times.

However, being an entrepreneur can put you at an advantage.Entrepreneurs are clever, imaginative and mentally inquisitive by nature, and sharing these unique traits with your kids can help them be successful.

This book is about the lessons that we as entrepreneurs have learned from our kids, and applied in our businesses, and also about the entrepreneurial lessons our kids have already learned from us.

These are the most important lessons that 22 successful entrepreneurs wanted to share with other entrepreneurial parents like you.

Enjoy all their inspirational stories, and even share them with your children.

The Four Faces Of Authority

Discover Your Authority Avatar

Almost everyone has done a personality test at some point in their lives. Usually it confirms things you already knew about “you’re a detail oriented introvert” or “you’re a big picture extrovert.”

Good to know, but does it really make a difference in your life?

Would it be more beneficial to you, if you knew what persona or avatar was a good fit for you to become a leading authority in your marketplace? You might think there are hundreds of possibilities, but in actuality there are only four.


Every person that is considered an authority know this and focus only where they are strong. Unsuccessful people flounder back and forth between the four types which confuses their customers and prospects.

When people are looking to work with an expert, what they really want is to identify with them in some way. This ‘way’ will change depending on what need or pain the expert is helping resolve.

They may want someone that has struggled to gain attributes and qualities that they want to achieve themselves. Or maybe they may want the expert to simply have the ability to motivate and push them to the next level.

Your Authority Avatar is something you should carefully consider before you make a big mistake in communicating with your prospects in a way that may actually push them away.

In The Four Faces Of Authority: Discover Your Authority Avatar, authority marketing pioneers, Jack Mize and Brian Horn dissect and explain each of these archetypes, so you can decide which one is a good match for you, then amplify those traits so you can quickly become a recognized expert in your marketplace.

The Authority Mindset

Proven Principles For Establishing Yourself as an Expert in Any Industry

You are living in one of the most exciting times for Entrepreneurs and Professionals to take advantage of the huge opportunities available to access the same Secret Strategies used by national business gurus to establish INSTANT CREDIBILITY AND TRUST!

So why are so many business owners, speakers, coaches, and consultants struggling to gain attention while others, perhaps even less qualified or deserving, are being recognized as the expert… the AUTHORITY in their industry?

The Authority Mindset was compiled from conversations, mastermind sessions and the experience of top marketing consultants around the world to answer this question by focusing on the specific and powerful topic of Authority Positioning.

Each contributing author has spent years helping entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals, not just with marketing tactics, but with developing “The Authority Mindset” that is required to gain the expert recognition from prospects, customers and even national media.

Bestselling author, investor and entrepreneur, Brian Ainsley Horn, helps professionals leverage their knowledge to gain authority status in their industry, then uses "authority marketing" to get them national media exposure.

His unique method has been talked about and covered on The Howard Stern Show, Wall Street Journal, ABC, Perez Hilton, CBS, Forbes, Advertising Age and dozens of other media outlets.

Inc Magazine even named Brian an "emerging business leader to watch."

Brian is a contributing writer for Entrepreneur Magazine, Today, The Huffington Post, The Good Men Project & Addicted2Success.

He is also an in demand speaker that has traveled the world entertaining and educating audiences. Brian Ainsley Horn is a devoted Christian, proud father to 2 amazing kids and an advocate for children with Down syndrome.