5 Tips on How To Take Great Selfies…For Entrepreneurs

My "selfie" (I feel so twenty something using that term)

My “selfie” (I feel so twenty something using that term)

It was announced in late 2013 that the new word to be added to the Oxford English Dictionary is selfie.

Thank goodness for that, because its main competition turned out to be twerk, which is just really awful (it’s highly doubtful that anyone would really want to catapult Miley Cyrus, tongue sticking out and all, to such importance).

While selfie as a term also has a negative connotation to it (people think it’s just utter self-centeredness), if one would think about its roots, it was actually prompted by the practical configuration of taking photos of oneself using a smart phone, camera and other mobile gadgets with a camera app.

If you have no one to take your picture for you, then find a way to take it yourself, right?

The greater world population is happy that the new word added to the Oxford English Dictionary is selfie for it has a more practical application — so, cheers to the people behind the determination of which new words should be added every year to the dictionary!

Nowadays, even respectable professionals like entrepreneurs take selfies for the promotion of their business, either through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. However, the resulting images are not always as flattering or may not be the best representation of their organization as they had hoped.

For those entrepreneurs that take selfies for such a purpose, it’s imperative to know some tricks to ensure that they create the right impression with their self-taken pictures all the time.

Here are some tips on how to take great selfies for entrepreneurs.

1.) Make sure you have a nice background.

Selfies taken in bathrooms, in front of the mirror, or in bed are so inappropriate and tacky. You’re a professional; always bear that in mind, so paying attention to your background is one thing that you need to consider to consistently present yourself as a respectable business person.

2.) Find your light.

For a “business-like” selfie, it’s best to turn yourself toward the main source of light. The captured image will be clearer (hazy lighting will appear too “artistic”).

If the lighting available is not that great, use a filter to enhance the image.

3.) Determine the perfect angle.

Extend your arm out so certain parts of your face will not appear too big. The farther your camera is away from your face, the less the fish bowl effect appears.

As to knowing your best angle, know your bad ones first so you can adjust your posture and the way you tilt your head and jut your chin out.

4.) Take some test shots.

Take shots horizontally, diagonally and vertically and determine which of these captures an image that best serves the “concept” you have in mind.

5.) Practice your facial expressions.

Again, it’s about creating the right impression to serve a specific purpose – you want to present yourself in the most professional way you can, whether it’s a smiling shot or not.

There you go — five helpful tips on how to take great selfies for entrepreneurs.

Be sure to get loads of practice and be very discriminating before posting the pictures or sharing them so your business benefits from these images.

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