5 Keys To Develop Your Own Micro Specialization


In Episode #14, we return to the topic of Micro-Specialization and divulge 5 key secrets to developing your own brand.

We’ll describe the importance of finding a good coach who will tell it like it is, and push your boundaries.

You’ll learn how to avoid comparing yourself to others and how focusing on bettering yourself is the key to serious growth.

Brian and Jack both agree on a book that transformed their lives and is a surprise key to success as an authority.

We’ll even teach you how making mistakes and making yourself uncomfortable can work to your advantage, and often produce amazing results.

Let's go over highlights of these 5 secrets…

SECRET #1: Get Coached

There are some skills you can learn on your own, and some you can try to learn, but if you intend to take the journey to authority, you need a coach/teacher.

– They help you identify short and long term goals.
– They’ll be brutally honest.
– Forced discipline

SECRET #2: Refine Your “Magic”

Current culture is all about winning. But an authority will dedicate themselves to consistently improving their craft.

Ways to improve skill set

1. Go a lot faster. You'll screw up, and in the process you'll adapt and find new improvements.
2. Go a lot slower. Force yourself to go slower and you’ll identify techniques or strategies that hold you back.
3. Break a complex task into smaller parts.

SECRET #3: Remove Ego

Arrogance, stubbornness, fear of judgement and fear of failure all come from the same place…they only occur when you’re dependent on the external environment to feel the way you want to feel.

Therefore the key to removing ego is to find a way that doesn’t rely on the external environment.

Try these 2 things to remove ego:

1. Focus on What You’ve Got
 Outside of Work
Focus on the good things you have going on. Soon you’ll not only feel better, you’ll also draw more good things your way. (little things like heat, AC, cable TV all count)

2. Lose (the Illusion of) Control
We base our identity on things that are constantly changing: work, friends, our bodies… Everything in life is constantly in motion and out of our control.

Let it all roll around you, but base your true identity on your deeper self. The only thing you can control is the way you react to the changes around you. So sit back, flow with the chaos around you and don’t let it make you nuts.

SECRET #4: Theater of the Mind

Dr. Maltz coined the phrase ‘Theatre of the Mind' in Psycho Cybernetics to represent ‘a place' you can mentally go to in order to strengthen your self-image. The self- image is the internal guidance system that tells you what you can and cannot have out of life.

How is your self-image strengthened? It is strengthened by using your creative imagination in the ‘Theatre of the Mind.'

The more you imagine your life the way you want it to be – the quicker and faster you bring what you have imagined into reality.

The more you use your creative imagination, the more you will know the meaning of the saying, ‘What You Want, Wants You.'

SECRET #5: Push Your Boundaries

What was uncomfortable yesterday becomes comfortable today.

Once you start stepping out of your comfort zone, it gets easier over time. you'll become accustomed to that state of optimal anxiety. “Productive discomfort,” becomes more normal to you, and you're willing to push farther before your performance falls off.

As you do new things, some people will love you for it. Others will be threatened by what you do, for it challenges their assumptions and the choices they’ve made.

But others’ discomfort is not yours to manage.

This episode will give you everything you need to become happier, more fulfilled and confident in your authority.

You're about to become the very best, most motivated version of yourself that you can be.

What's stopping you?

“If you make friends with yourself you will never be alone. “


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We'll teach you how to make videos that will convey your message with a video headline.

Now you can grab people's attention and really get them to engage with you!


“Psycho-Cybernetics: A New Way to Get More Living Out Of Life” by Maxwell Maltz


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