How to Find Potential Clients on Facebook

So you want to know how to find potential clients on Facebook for your marketing consulting business?

Well, there are 1.5 billion people who have Facebook accounts. Close to 1 billion of these individuals are active on a daily basis. 40 million of these are small business owners.

What does this mean for you as marketing consultant?

Well, it simply means Facebook is a powerful tool you should be using to prospect for clients.

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However, it goes beyond the act of using the platform.

After all, lots of businesses acknowledge the benefit of Facebook and have tried to incorporate it into their marketing plan.

Most of them don’t do it right, though.

Therefore, to benefit the most, you have to learn to use Facebook properly.

The following information will show you what you should and shouldn’t be doing when it comes to using Facebook to find potential clients.

Don't Focus on Getting More Likes

This mistake is a good example of going after quantity over quality. You want to target those people who will actually buy from you. So, why waste time building a fan base of followers who won’t become customers?

Don't Focus on Reach

Achieving reach is of course important. But, if that reach doesn’t translate into profit, what does it matter?

facebook reach

Understanding your reach metrics are important, but at the end of the day it all comes down to getting more clients


The metric of reach isn’t really as important as some business owners think.

The actions of those you reach is the important part.

Don't Focus on Engagement

Yes, you want your Facebook followers to be engaged. However, creating photos and videos for the sole purpose of getting shares and likes only creates the illusion of true engagement.

This is especially true if the photos, memes or videos you are posting are for entertainment value and don’t relate to your brand.


Sure …55,000 shares is awesome. But if it doesn't enforce your authority in your prospects' eyes, it's pointless.


In short, it’s great to get followers to like your posts, but that shouldn’t be your primary focus.

Don't Focus on Getting Clients

Brian, what the heck are you talking about?!?! Shouldn’t I be focusing on getting more clients as a consultant?

Well, yes, but not to the point of irritation.

What does that mean?

It means people hate to be sold to, and the more you try to sell to them, the more they will ignore you.

You gotta be cool.   Like Arthur Fonzarelli cool.

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We’ve talked a lot about what you shouldn’t do as a consultant to find potential clients on Facebook.

Now, we need to look at what you should be doing.

How to Find Potential Clients on Facebook in 7 Steps

Define Your Goal

Before moving on to additional points, you need to define the purpose of Facebook as it relates to your consulting business.

As a consultant, Facebook should be a way for you to build an audience who will actually buy from you.

You should also be using Facebook as a tool to get your audience to visit your website.

So, keep your website full of helpful, high-quality content that your audience will find interesting.

Speaking of your website…

Beef Up Your Website

We briefly mentioned the importance of good content. This is of course vital.

To make sure you create only the best content, consider what questions your audience would most like answered.

The easiest way to do this is make a list of all the problems your product or service solves, or questions that might surround your business.

These questions or problems then become the foundation of your posts.

Don’t feel like you always have to mention your services either.

Instead focus on helping your customers solve their problems. This will result in content that encourages engagement and builds your brand.

As an example, consider what topics an Authority Marketing Consultant might create:

Topic such as:

In addition to writing helpful content, you also want to make sure you produce it on a regular basis.


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Share The Content

Once you have content worthy of sharing, use Facebook to share it.

The best way to do this is to inspire your audience to read the content by using it to start a conversation.

Something like, “Do you wonder how you can get your business on the local news? Read this to find out!” 

Also, don’t limit your sharing to Facebook alone.

Repurpose the content to get as much exposure as possible, with very little extra work.

Use your email list as well (more on this below).

Promote Your Content

Now’s the time to start spending a little money to promote your content.

As the old adage goes…

You must spend money to make money. – Plautus

To do this, learn who to target and pay for shares directed towards that group.

You can use Audience Insights if you are struggling to identify your target group.

Create a Website Custom Audience

Put simply, by creating a custom audience, you capture an image of the people who click on your website.

No, this doesn’t mean a photo.

If you use Website Custom Audiences, then every person who clicks on your site or an ad is added to your audience.

Eventually, this will give you valuable information about your audience.

This in turn will allow you to better identify them.

Thus, preventing any wasted time or money you might spend focusing on people who will never be your customer.

Create Your Email List

Once you have your Website Custom Audience grouped, and are adding fans, you can begin to build your email list.

A great way to entice customers to give up their email is to create a lead magnet.

For example, you can create a helpful guide that you can offer in exchange for a customer’s email.

Like this one.

Another option is to create a tool or template that makes a time consuming job easier.

Like this one.

Once you have this personalized email list, you can begin targeting them with more content.

This in turn will lead to more site visits and begin a wonderful lucrative cycle.

Sell, Sell, Sell

Previously, we told you not to oversell.  However, once you avoid the pitfalls listed above and begin to do the stuff you should do, you can start promoting your product or services via Facebook.

Just keep the beneficial cycle going.

Remember, the more content you create, the more you can promote and share on Facebook and through other mediums.

This in turn will prompt site visits and will allow you to properly target your audience, which will result in more sales.

Don’t look at this whole process as a onetime thing either. It’s a process that has to be kept up and maintained in order to have continued success.

If you really want to start getting more clients from Facebook, check out this premium Facebook training (50% through this link).

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