How to Write an Author Profile on Amazon

So you need to write an author profile on Amazon now.

When visiting a bookstore, whether online or offline, what makes a consumer pick up a book from a virtually unknown author?

The cover?

The reviews?

The author's bio?

Whether it's just your first time to write a book or you already have several titles under your name, it pays to pay attention to seemingly minute details which will give your book a distinct advantage over other titles in your genre — including your author profile.

Here's how to write an author profile on Amazon.

Whether you are writing a proposal or author bio, you should always write in the third person. The only time that you should write in the first person is when you are sending query letters to literary agents.

As much as possible, find a happy balance between authenticity and personality. Humor often works, but not in all circumstances, and particularly not if you are writing about something serious in tone.

As much as possible, your profile should offer readers a glimpse of your personality and your writing style.

One of the purposes of an author profile is to establish your credibility.

Your profile, in just a few paragraphs, should show what makes you interesting and why people should pick up a copy of your work. Do remember that your profile is not an equivalent of your resume and, as much as possible, avoid mentioning details about your education or job history.

However, if you are writing a non-fiction work, it helps a great deal to cite relevant professional affiliations and other published works related to your book. If you are a member of a writers' organization, you can also mention that.

If you are still having a difficult time composing your bio, consider browsing author bios from other books and lift ideas that you can use for yours.

Alternatively, if you have an author friend, you can enlist his help to write one for you in exchange for you writing one for him.

Of course, your author bio is just one aspect of improving your Amazon author profile. Remember to enlist the aid of a professional graphic artist to help create a visually compelling book cover for your work.

Your book cover should be clean and readable and it should appeal to your intended audience as well.

Maximize the space allotted for editorial reviews, author profile and other important parts.

Your author page should also display the other titles you have written, your biography, photos and videos, an events calendar, and your latest Tweets or blog posts.

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