Check Out Six Of The Best iPhone Camera Apps You Can Use to Give Authority To Your Pictures

iphone-photo-apps-authorityEver since mobile phone manufacturers began designing their products with more advanced camera technologies, people have become more motivated to pay closer attention to the way they capture images and the way the resulting snapshots look.

If, in earlier decades, people could only use cameras that used film and each roll could only produce a limited number of shots.

However, digital camera features (now present in most mobile phones) allow people to take photos, study the results, and use all kinds of editing tools to crop out unwanted images, improve the color or lighting, and add texture.

Because people process images at 400-500x faster than they do words…carefully planned and executed images are an easy way to establish authority and build your brand.  Using your iPhone and a few apps is all you need these days.

By now, pretty much every owner of a mobile or smart phone will have had experience in using the highly popular Instagram app.

This innovation has inspired everyone, from young children to grandparents, to take photos of everything under the sun so that they can instantly share them online through social media sites.

If you are trying to set yourself apart as an expert in your industry, you have a great opportunity to use this to your advantage, but not doing it…or doing a bad job at it, can damage you.

Here are six examples of some of the best iPhone camera apps that you can try out today.

1. TitleFX

This is an app that's ideal if you like putting text on top of your images. Several different fonts, styling options, colors and background are available. Easy way to create a quick meme using nothing but your iPhone.

2. SnappyCam Pro

If you always find yourself pressing the camera button a fraction of a second too late to capture an excellent photo, download this app. It's a high-speed camera app that requires you to hold the shutter button down as you take a photo, producing a burst of photos from which you can select the best.

3. Sktchy

Many people find the look of hand-drawn portraits appealing, and with this app, you can now turn any selected image into an artistic portrait.

4. Camera+

Hands down my favorite app on the iPhone…not just my favorite photo app, but my favorite app period.  Lots of different filters, ways to edit and tweak your pictures into something very special.  Very easy to use, and nothing can touch how many options it has.

5. Retromatic

Vintage is always attractive when it comes to photography, and there's definitely an app for that. Retromatic is a '50s-inspired app that you can use to import photos, cut them out using an instant alpha tool, and apply vintage effects.

6. Photoshop Touch

Of course, where would image editing be without the technology of Photoshop? Previously available only for tablets like the iPad, Photoshop Touch now enables iPhone users to play around with its most distinguished features, such as layers and adjustments, to produce stunning images that you'll be proud to show your friends.

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