5 Ways Solopreneurs Increase Prices Using Authority Marketing


To brand yourself as an expert means that you showcase why you are the best at what you do.

This will in turn yield many benefits. After all, everyone wants to deal with the master over an apprentice.

There is more to it than that, though.

The benefits of branding yourself as an expert in your field deserve a second, double and even triple look, because there is much to be learned about how being an expert can help you grow your business.

Incidentally, these benefits go above and beyond just winning new customers.

Authorities Draw Customers Instead of Seeking Them
When you need a service completed, whether it be a plumbing job or a kitchen remodel, who do you seek?

Well, if you are like most people, you look for a respected professional within the field in which you need service. You seek out the best.

Those who are not considered experts, on the other hand have to seek out customers.

So, to sum it up, experts have customers flock to them, while non-experts have to seek out and pursue their customers.

Authorities Can Procure Higher Rates
Why is it that you pay more for an Under Armor shirt or a pair of Nike shoes than you do for the generic version of those products?

In most cases, you are willing to pony up the extra cash because you know you are paying for the quality associated with the brand.

In other words, you are paying for a company’s expertise in a certain area.

This example includes experts in the quality sporting items genre.

Another way to look at this is to compare a run of the mill handyman with one who is an expert. The expert was featured on the HGTV channel, wrote a book on home remodeling and has a line of products at hardware stores.

Which one would you want to work on your home, the expert of the run of the mill handyman?

Most people would say the expert, and most would be willing to pay more for that expertise.

Of course, there are always those people who just want the cheapest price and don’t care about quality. But, those customers usually aren’t the kind of individuals you want to serve anyway.

They don’t recognize the worth of experience.

Authorities Encourage Customer Loyalty
When customers choose you based up your expertise, they won’t drop you easily for a cheaper price. It is an almost certainty that your customers can find someone else to do your service at a cheaper rate.

This is especially true if you have a competitor new to the business. They are likely offering cheap rates to garner new customers since they can’t rely on their experience.

But, don’t worry.

Those customers who sought you out for your expertise won’t drop you. They will be loyal.

After all, they wanted the best. This is yet another benefit of showcasing your expertise in your field.

Authorities Are Trendsetters
An unknown business will have trouble setting a new trend in their field.

This is because they will likely be ignored.

Yet, you as an expert in your field can set new trends. Your influence and your experience will earn you the respect of your peers.

This in turn will make them stop and take notice of what you are doing. Usually, when they see you succeed, they will want to try whatever it is as well.

Authorities Can Create a Buzz

How about having a great reputation that precedes you?

If someone said you are having a meeting with Richard Branson, you’d probably be very excited although you don’t know him.

You have the opportunity to generate more business and grow your customer base effortlessly by ensuring your personal brand is discussed, read, seen and heard.

Once the word-of-mouth marketing machine starts, you will get referrals and leads like never before.

Creating the buzz will take a good deal of effort and only a long-term action plan with a consistent message will ensure you edge closer to your goal every day

Branding yourself as an expert in your field is smart. After all, the above points showcase the many benefits associated with marketing yourself as the best of the best in your field.

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Brian Ainsley Horn

Brian Ainsley Horn is considered to be the “pioneer of authority marketing”, which has exploded in popularity recently. His unique methods have been talked about and covered on The Howard Stern Show, Wall Street Journal, ABC, Perez Hilton, CBS News , Forbes, Advertising Age and dozens of other media outlets. Brian is the co-founder of the consulting firm, Authority Alchemy, and also writes for Huffington Post and Entrepreneur Magazine about authority marketing and personal branding.

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